Adam Sloan

Adam Sloan

The original Big Yin

(1939 - 1998)

Those whom we love go out of sight,

But never out of mind;

They are cherished in the hearts of those they left behind,

Loving and kind in all his ways,

Upright and just in all his days,

Sincere and true in heart and mind,

Beautiful memories he left behind.

I have been brought up with hairdressing my whole life. Hairdressing is in my blood. I learnt from my dad from a very young age, I would help him and watch him in his salon, as he effortlessly cut and styled peoples hair, day to day like it was second nature. Watching my dad work so hard to push his business to succeed, gave me the drive and determination that I have today running my own business. My dad was and still is ‘The Big Yin’ and always will be.

I took over the salon 10 years ago in 2006. Since then I have continued with the work ethic in which I was brought up on. I always ensure clients get the best experience possible, and always leave happy. I like to pride myself on having a welcoming and relaxing salon environment, ensuring work is always carried out to the highest standard.

I have done various courses and training. I have my City & Guilds advanced barbering & hairdressing qualification. I have partaken in many of the L’Oreal courses they provide from Colour Keyes to advanced perming. I have done session styling up in London which was great fun, working with all different hair types, learning how to style them in weird and wonderful ways. I have also taught in various training academies and colleges over the years. I love sharing my skill and passion with other trainees. You never stop learning, in the salon you learn from each other. Everyone has their own way and own skill.

In the salon we think it is important to always keep up with the trends. Fashion changes and so does hair, it is important to always remember the old but always looking forward to the new.

We are one of five salons. They are all family run, so although we have our own salons, we do compete in shows and many events together as a whole team. We have competed in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy numerous times getting into the final stages.

I would like to thank all of our existing clients for being loyal to us and the salon. I also welcome any new clients to the salon, and look forward to you enjoying the experience in which you deserve.

Clare Cass.
Owner and Director